2018 New York Construction Facts

2018 New York Construction Facts

Big construction companies in New York have now become much easier to track thanks to an interactive map of the New York construction industry. Now users can finally understand exactly what is being constructed across all five boroughs in real time and how much it costs.

For example, the average New York construction project was $4.3 million for 27 thousand square feet of property.

Other New York construction facts (as of November 2018):

  • There are over 7,300 active construction permits from big construction companies in New York.
  • Brooklyn construction leads all five New York boroughs.
  • The most common type of New York construction are residential apartment complexes.
  • The tallest building proposed is 98 stories in Manhattan.
  • The biggest project is a 3.9 million square foot Manhattan project for over $576 million.

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