4 Important Commercial Wood Flooring Maintenance Tips

4 Important Commercial Wood Flooring Maintenance Tips

Commercial wood flooring is beautiful, versatile, and high-quality . . . under the right maintenance conditions, that is! Here are some tips for keeping your commercial wood floors looking their best.

Installation Tips

Commercial wood flooring should have a polyurethane seal either pre-finish or after installation. A polyurethane seal is a thin layer of protection between the wood itself. Make sure that the surface has been properly sanded before applying polyurethane for a smooth seal.

Day-to-Day Maintenance Tips

Normal daily cleaning includes sweeping and mopping. Every once and a while you should hire a deep cleaning service to scrub and buff the wood to perfection. Your manufacturer will be able to tell you how often your wooden floors need a deep cleaning.

Yearly Maintenance

Once a year, ideally on the anniversary date of installation, you must reapply a wood finish. This protects and maintains the wood for at least one year. Different wood finishes will give off a different look (shine).

Wood finishes include:

  • Matte
  • Satin sheen
  • Semi-gloss
  • Gloss sheen

Commercial Wood Flooring Damage Prevention

Simple preventative measures such as throw rugs can protect large areas of the floor. If you have heavy furniture, consider putting felt pads on the legs to prevent scratches. Always be sure to clean up spills immediately before they have a chance to get into the wood.

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