6 Hot Trends for Luxury Apartment Renovations in NYC

6 Hot Trends for Luxury Apartment Renovations in NYC

Apartment renovations in NYC are certainly nothing new, but these 2018 trends will keep your apartment renovation project looking stylish and updated for years to come.

1.) Combining Luxury Apartments

Prominent young families are combining luxury apartments as a practical way to maximize living space in New York City. A large kitchen renovation in NYC will often combine apartments when they need room to expand. A luxury bathroom renovation in NYC will often do the same.

2.) Luxury Wooden Flooring

Apartment renovations in NYC are calling for wooden floors with long planks and warm hues for 2018. Luxury wooden planks of the 5-inch and 7-inch variety are especially popular. In addition, radiant-heated floors use water or electric-based systems to generate warmth, freeing up radiator space in the process.

3.) Open Kitchen Designs

An open kitchen with custom countertops is currently the most popular type of kitchen renovation in NYC. Contractors find the open kitchen renovation style is popular because it provides room for any live-in staff to move about more freely. The best apartment renovations in NYC have an open kitchen with plenty of room for cooking, storage and hosting meals.

4.) Outdoor Apartment Renovations in NYC  

New Yorkers are all about maximizing what precious little space they have, and outdoor apartment renovations exemplify this philosophy. For example, renovating the rooftop, terraces, gardens and other areas is a popular wintertime NYC construction project. If there is not enough space for a traditional garden, “vertical gardens” can provide greenery with a simple wall.

5.) New York Custom Cabinets

All luxury apartment renovations in NYC must have custom cabinetry in abundance. In NYC, custom cabinets make the most out of the apartment’s overall storage capacity. They also provide unparalleled style and durability. If you want your doors, shelves and cabinets to properly flow open without getting caught on corners and crevices, you need custom cabinetry.

6.) Modern Technology Trends

Apartment renovations in NYC are taking advantage of breakthrough digital trends in security and convenience. Apartment owners can use their cell phone to lock the doors, turn on the lights, play music, set the burglar alarm, and even to open or close window shades. If you’ve ever wanted to change the temperature of your apartment from another time zone, it’s all possible.

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