6 Tips for Finding the Right Brooklyn Renovation Contractor

6 Tips for Finding the Right Brooklyn Renovation Contractor

Finding a Brooklyn renovation contractor can be difficult sometimes. Many Brooklyn renovation contractors rely on word-of-mouth to do business and do not maintain much of an online presence, so when you find one, you have to really make the interview count. Follow these tips and you will score the best Brooklyn renovation contractor in your neighbor for residential or commercial renovation services in NYC.

Know Who You’ll Need

Do you need an architect, an interior designer or a general contractor? Architects are reserved for high-end projects and will typically have their own team of contractors and designers. They are costly, but worthwhile for larger Brooklyn renovation projects with lots of changes.

Have a Budget

You probably have a lot of ideas for your renovation, but do you have a budget? Setting a budget will determine the quality of materials you can buy and the level of skilled labor you can hire. Try to figure out how much money you can afford to put towards a renovation project before having any interviews.

Get at Least Three Quotes

Don’t waste a lot of time getting bids. Put all of your needs in writing and submit the same information to three different renovation contractors. This will help you determine a fair estimate for your project.

Ask for Referrals and References

After verifying that the renovation contractor is licensed, be sure to get references from satisfied clients. Get the names of a subcontractor and a supplier who work alongside the general contractor to get a better overall feel for their organization.

Clearly Present Your Vision

Contractors want to renovate according to your expectations, so be sure to be clear. Research contracting and architectural terms if you have to. Keep the lines of communication open – don’t be afraid to ask the Brooklyn renovation contractors if you are making yourself clear.

Know Your Building

The more specifics you know about your building, the better. Available parking, the number of doors and any stair barriers matter a lot when interviewing a renovation company. You will also need to tell the contractor if your building has special work approval requirements, additional license and insurance needs, and limited work hours.

InsideSquad is Brooklyn’s Renovation Company of Choice

Established in 2010, InsideSquad is the best Brooklyn-based contractor in all of NYC. Please review our portfolio and then give us a call at 718-338-8800. We can gladly handle all of your Brooklyn residential and commercial renovation service needs.

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