A Guide to Foundation Cracks: When to Tear Down, When to Remodel

A Guide to Foundation Cracks: When to Tear Down, When to Remodel

Luxury homes and businesses in NYC are not impervious to foundation cracks, which is why property owners must keep an eye out for them. Foundation cracks appear in the basement or on the outside of the property towards the ground. Exactly happens when your foundation cracks depends on how serious the foundation crack is, but since the end result is an unlevel property and an eventual collapse, the problem needs to be addressed quickly.

Types of Foundation Cracks

There are many different types of foundation cracks, and each type of foundation crack can give clues as to the problem. Eventually, all foundation cracks will need to be repaired.

  • Vertical foundation cracks – Vertical foundation cracks occur over time from moisture. They can start out as a hairline fracture and can be very hard to detect until water is already coming through. Usually sealing vertical foundation cracks and waterproofing the basement is enough to resolve the problem.
  • Diagonal foundation cracks – Usually diagonal foundation cracks start at the top of the wall and move all the way to the bottom corner, causing the foundation to tilt inward over time. They can also be found along the doors and windows. Missing anchor bolts or pressure from the earth resettling can cause diagonal foundation cracks, which need to be thoroughly reviewed by an NYC contractor.
  • Horizontal foundation cracks – The wall bows inward and cracks horizontally about halfway up. These cracks should be monitored by an NYC contractor to determine the seriousness.
  • Outside foundation cracks – A foundation crack on the outside can be caused by seasonal expansion and contraction, but it can also be something extremely serious. An NYC contractor should definitely examine the outside of the property to determine the severity of the situation.

What to do When a Foundation Crack is Serious

When a foundation crack is serious enough to threaten the integrity of the property, you can either remodel the vicinity or tear it down. Rebuilding the property is usually a better option if you know you will be selling it sometime in the future. When the foundation starts to wear out, it could be a sign that other major components of the property (roofing, flooring plumbing, etc.) may need to be replaced as well.

Remodeling, on the other hand, is more cost-efficient because you have complete control over the spending budget. There are also time constraints: tearing down a property also leaves vital structures exposed to the elements and must be done quickly, but remodeling lets you go at your own pace.

Foundation Cracks in NYC? Call Inside Squad

Inside Squad is an expert NYC construction company that will be able to determine if your foundation cracks warrant remodeling or a tear-down. Call 718-338-8800 to schedule an inspection with the top construction company in NYC today.

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