Construction Management

The Secret of our Success…Common Sense

Our construction management (CM) approach ensures that the collaboration among construction companies in NYC, design team and owner offers effective controls. We offer greater control of your project by providing a full range of services to aid construction management companies in NYC during the preconstruction phase through building completion.

Our Construction Management Services include:

  • Project planning
  • Construction scheduling
  • Cost estimating
  • Quality management
  • Contract administration
  • Safety management

Save money with value engineering. We provide value engineering throughout the entire project (not just during the design phase) to save our clients’ money. Our value engineering process includes identifying alternative and more cost-effective materials. It means establishing, maintaining and updating budgets and requires our deep understanding of your project and the industry.

Interdisciplinary, solution-based approach to the construction process. InsideSquad offer an interdisciplinary solution-based approach to the construction process. This allows us to work together with design consultants, financial planners and other professionals to assure your project success.

Flexible contracts that meet your needs. From planning to occupancy, we will represent your interests and further your goals and objectives throughout the project. Using proven management systems and procedures, we ensure your objectives are met. We will help determine your needs and constraints, whether budgetary, regulatory or time-based. Then we propose a range of solutions for consideration. We have the flexibility to structure the contract to meet your needs.

Rewards – InsideSquad will:

Inside Squad - construction management company NYC
  • Work in tandem the entire team at the earliest onset, with the goal of developing a viable project that satisfies your needs
  • Be your single point of contact for all budgeting and construction
  • Hold all subcontracts
  • Be fully responsible for construction schedule, cost, quality and safety throughout your project
  • Establish Guaranteed-Maximum Price (GMP) early in the Project Development Phase, not after the design is complete
  • Be involved early in the development of a project to plan phased construction and expedited construction schedule
  • Provide “Open Book Accounting” with CM-at-Risk contracts, so you can see actual project costs at all times and realize savings during subcontractor and vendor selection
  • Facilitate competitive bidding of all scopes of work, this coupled with the “Open Book Accounting” allows for your input and transparent award of the subcontractors working on your project
  • Work with you to select subcontractors based on experience, performance, and price
  • Work with you and the project architect to identify the best value construction methods and materials throughout your project’s design, ensuring that you will receive the best value for your money
  • Work on your behalf, allowing you to commit less of your own resources to the budgeting, coordination, scheduling and monitoring of construction of the project
  • Provide you a 100% Payment & Performance Bond for any size project
  • Ensure the success of your project by working collaboratively with the architect and your team