FAQ for Restaurant Construction in NYC

FAQ for Restaurant Construction in NYC

Finding an NYC restaurant contractor to construct a restaurant is much easier when you have this information in mind.

How long does restaurant construction take in NYC?

On average, restaurant construction in NYC takes up to four months. Some restaurant contractors in NYC can finish a restaurant in as little as one month, though they must pull double shifts and tend to make mistakes.

Carry-out establishments are obviously the quickest for NYC restaurant contractor to build. A full-service, casual or fine-dining restaurant have more complex plans and requires more time.

In general, the timeline of restaurant construction is based on the following factors:

  • Size
  • Equipment
  • Decorative finishes

How long does preplanning restaurant construction take in NYC?

The initial drawings can take around a month, the permitting process can take months, and the bidding process can take weeks. Surveying the site, moving forward with a building code review, and fine-tuning the schedule can add time.

How important is coordinating deliveries?

Coordinating deliveries is crucial. Fixtures, furnishings, equipment and other materials need to arrive on a scheduled timeframe or else delays will occur. Be sure to stay in constant contact with your contractor about the number of weeks it will take for materials to arrive so they can plan accordingly.

Most importantly, know whether or not you need to get new materials before the construction begins.

Which agencies should I stay in contact with?

Make sure your restaurant contractor knows how to keep good relations with the NYC building and health departments. They should be fully informed of all construction plans and should ideally be invited to give a courtesy inspection before sealing the walls.

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