New York City Construction Hours and Noise Code

New York City Construction Hours and Noise Code

Whether they are small or big, construction companies in NYC must always abide by legal construction work hours. In NYC, noise code violations come with a hefty fine and can even get the license of big construction companies revoked. Therefore, all construction companies must go by the legal construction work hours in NYC if they want to get far.

What Time Can Construction Start in NYC?

From Monday to Friday, 7AM is the absolute earliest time that construction can start in NYC. Noise code laws prohibit any construction on the weekends except when:

  • Given permission by the Department of Buildings and Transportation to work after hours.
  • Performing emergency work for public safety (water main or gas line repairs, for example).
  • Working on alterations or repairs to “one-or-two-family, owner-occupied dwellings, or converts or rectories”, which may be performed on the weekends between 10am and 4pm. However, if the building is within 300 feet of a place of worship, then no weekend construction is allowed.

What Time Must Construction Stop in NYC?

All construction in NYC must stop by 6PM.

How Loud Can NYC Construction Companies Be (in Decibels)?

NYC construction companies are generally granted a 15-foot radius to basically be as loud as needed to get the job done. Once the sound travels past 15 feet, the NYC noise code dictates construction companies cannot be louder than 10 decibels above the ambient (normal) sound levels of an area. The exact decibel limit changes based on the hours of the day; however, “impulse” (sharp and temporary) noises are never permitted at any time.

New York City Noise Mitigation Plans

All NYC construction companies are required to have a written proposal for minimizing construction volume, otherwise known as a noise mitigation plan. The noise mitigation plan must be posted on the job site, though it is not necessary to register the noise mitigation plan with the city. Print out an official noise mitigation plan.

How to Report NYC Noise Code Violations  

NYC noise code violations are handled online using two different forms:

  • If the violation occurred during normal construction hours, report it here.
  • If the violation occurred outside of legal construction hours in NYC, report it here.

What Happens After a NYC Noise Code Violation is Reported?

NYC noise code violations are non-emergency calls that are sometimes handled by a police officer if one is available. Sometimes a member of the Department of Environment Protection (DEP) will respond to the complaint, in which case they measure the actual decibel level before proceeding.

Inside Squad Respects Legal NYC Construction Hours

Inside Squad is a big NYC construction company that knows never to violate New York City construction hours. We respect our beloved city and its residents, which is why Inside Squad always has a comprehensive noise mitigation plan posted in clear sight of workers and inspectors alike. Call (718) 338- 8800 today to have your residential or commercial project completed on-time, on budget and within legal NYC construction hours. 

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