Top 4 NYC Construction Trends of 2018

Top 4 NYC Construction Trends of 2018

After a strong 2017, construction companies in New York City are experiencing an even better 2018. With 75% of all construction companies across the nation expected to hire more workers this year, the NYC construction industry as a whole seems to be doing very well. Here are 6 trends to watch out for specifically pertaining to NYC construction this year.

Smart Technology Hits Homes and Businesses

NYC construction companies will see an increase in demand for connected smart devices in the home and workplace. Special smart door locks, thermostats and voice-activated speakers will all be a part of NYC construction this year.

Drone Technology Helps NYC Construction

Big construction companies in NYC are already using drones equipped with cameras to survey job sites, inspect NYC construction and look for ways to improve safety. It is not uncommon for NYC construction companies to use drone videos to monitor employees and overall job progress.

Alternative Materials

As construction materials continue to rise in price, contractors may start looking for recycled or renewed materials wherever feasible. Custom millwork and other construction companies will continue to use the highest quality materials.

Outdoor NYC Construction

Outdoor spaces are becoming a focus for construction companies in NYC. Luxury homeowners are adding outdoor kitchens, pools, decks and other exterior additions more than ever before.

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